1967 Jaguar E-Type 4.2 FHC

1967 Jaguar E-Type 4.2 FHC

Pale Primrose Yellow / Black

Great original car with only 53.228 original documented miles from new. Very rare find. Beautifully mellowed and appealing.

SOLD to Germany

1967 Jaguar E-type 4.2 series 1 FHC in its factory original colour combination of Pale Primrose Yellow with Black interior trim.

Matching numbers, EU imported, comes with a Heritage Certificate.

This Jaguar E-type was produced on the 27th of September 1966 and dispatched on the 7th of October 1966 through Jaguar Cars New York, USA to its first owner Helen H Petrie, Barrington, Illinois, USA.

Amazing find, only 53.228 documented miles from new! It’s incredibly rare to find an unrestored example in such extraordinary original condition.
This car was supplied new through Jaguar Cars New York to its first owner, H Petrie, Illnois, USA on 7th of October 1966. Since then it only had 3 owners with documented registration and milages through the years.
This E-type has developed a wonderful degree of patina and charm over the years and managed to stay unmoleshed. This enables it to currently stand beautifully mellowed and appealing.
The original specification Pale Primrose paint finish is largely untouched, some areas of the car are repainted over the years. The paintwork of course collected minor blemishes, like small dents on the doors, but suffers no corrosion whatsoever. The bright yellow paintwork looks great in combination with the tinted glass and chrome.
Some may consider a fresh coat of paint benificial whilst others wish to relish and preserve the originality in its entity and simply use and enjoy the E-type exactly as it looks now. The chrome work is original and in perfect deep and lustrous condition.
The interior trim is completely original and in perfect condition. All the bodywork rubbers are the original factory ones, many bolts, fasteners, rubbers, stickers, license plate holders etc are all original. Most underbonnet fixings are also still original, for example the original spark plug cable sleeve in the cilinder head which is always missing from these cars. This car was used in the USA as a reference car for concours restorations where originality comes first. Major components that are not original are the tires, exhaust system and air filters, the original airfilter assembly comes with the car.
The car runs great, engine fires immediately with very good oil pressure and perfect functioning clutch and all synchromesh gearbox. All electrics are working even up to the functioning of the cigar lighter! The bodywork is absolutely 100% corrosion free. For frequent use the car could benifit from a comprehensive checkover and service.
The car comes with its original jack, hammer and spare wheel and is imported into the EU. Of course matching numbers and with Heritage Certificate. A rare opportunity nowadays to find such an umolished and original car.


Jaguar E-type 4.2 series 1 FHC original specifications

Engine: 6 Cylinder DOHC Aluminium head, twin cam
Capacity: 4235 cc
Power: 265 bhp (198 KW) @5500 rpm
Top speed: 150 mph (240 km/h)
Fuel: Triple 2″ HD8 SU carburettors
Suspension: All round independent
Brakes: All round Servo assisted disc brakes
Length: 4.45m (14’7″)
Width: 1.66m (5’6″)
Weight (dry): 1123 kg
Years built: 1964-1967
Number built: 1957 rhd, 5813 lhd