E-type Center Europe

The independent specialist for series 1 Jaguar E-types

As a leading European independent specialist, E-type Center Europe is buying, selling and brokering series 1 Jaguar E-types. Also Jaguar XK120, XK140, XK150 and other interesting classic cars can be found in our showroom.

E-type Center was founded through a genuine passion for historic motor cars. Established on a vast experience of the international classic and collectors car world together with an ultimate passion for historic motoring, nowadays we are Europe’s leading specialist for series 1 Jaguar E-types.

E-type Center is specialized in series 1 Jaguar E-type coupes (FHC) and roadsters (OTS) and all XK120, XK140 and XK150. We always have a selection of cars in several conditions, from showroom/concours, through highly original, to good solid driving examples and honest restoration projects.

Most of the cars on offer have benefitted from a recent service where all necessary work is done to create a reliable car that can be driven for many years to come.

Our aim is to provide our valued customers the unique experience of owning and driving the greatest symbol of classic motoring in such way that we can build a long term relationship.

E-type Center, with all its experience and knowledge, is a professional and logical choice for all your series 1 Jaguar E-type requirements.