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Selling your series 1 Jaguar E-type or Jaguar XK?

You are considering selling your series 1 E-type Jaguar or Jaguar XK120, XK140 or XK150? E-type Center Europe is always looking for series 1 Jaguar E-types for outright purchase or commission sale.

As a private person this is not always that easy. It will often take a lot of time and it is difficult to reach the right interested parties.
As a well respected company we are capable in purchasing or selling your car on commission more efficiently.
With a commission sale we offer you the service to sell your car through our company. We take care that we sell your car for a realistic price and will save you a lot of time.

E-type Center Europe has the right connections and promotes your car not only in a specific country but all across Europe by adding the car to our collection. Many of our cars are sold abroad and this increases the amount of potential buyers.
At E-type Center Europe we are always aiming that both seller and future buyer are satisfied with the transaction and both parties will build a positive long term future relationship with our company.

As you can imagine we have some demands with regards to the cars we offer for sale. We are looking for healthy cars with no structural shortcomings, damage or rust. Furthermore we prefer our cars to be matching numbers.
We are constantly looking for such cars in all conditions, from showroom/concourse, through good condition driving examples to highly original solid restoration projects.

If you consider to sell your series 1 Jaguar E-type or XK, please contact us at any moment.
Or just send us an e-mail with a small description and some pictures of the car:


We will then contact you to further discuss the possibilities. You are always welcome to visit our showroom to see how we present our cars. Please give us a call to make an appointment.

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